The Biggest Issue Will Face Our Future: Supplying Food for Global

Topics: Food security, World population, Agriculture Pages: 4 (1579 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Is the global food supply in danger? This question has sparked a lot of attention researchers in the field of environment of science for many years ago until now. Since many years, these noted specialists have realized that natural resources might be construed to disappear due to the unregulated use of natural resources for food by humans. People in developed nations might be argue about what will happen to our food supply in the future and how some developing nations are already being impacted. Countries like Sudan and Somalia in Africa suffer from famine and poverty because these lack the resources to feed their people. The global food situation is becoming increasingly grave. Climate changes are hastening this decline. Preternatural Wildfires coupled with heat waves such as the ones experienced in Russia, and the numerous cases globally of flooding represent some of the key contributors to escalating food prices witnessed internationally. In certain countries like Guinea and Australia, locusts have become as the main challenge to their food supply. There is also insufficient production of food as a result of the elite’s greed. A lot of people around the world (not least the ones in developing nations) spend hungry nights daily. Any further negative changes in the production of food will be a disaster. Although some experts claim to have solutions to the food crisis, the supply is in danger because the problems are too great to solve. (((((Although opponents say that it is possible to produce food products by some of the solutions available to us to ensure that the provision of food needed to feed the people)))) There are numerous detrimental effects associated with the reduction of global food supply. Inadequate food supply leads to human suffering due to hunger. It is the food that sustains lives and its absence means the creation of multitude suffering to the people who lack it. According to Porrit, the inability to sustain global food supply is...

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