The Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church
What pops into my mind once I hear Catholic? For me, it is what I believe in because it is part of my religion. It is what I am and who I should be.
One of the four marks or essential characteristics of the Church is being Catholic. This struck me most because according to Matthew 28: 18-20, Catholic means universal or all-embracing. In my view, one of the best features of the Church is that she accepts, understands, and loves each and every one regardless of race, culture and way of living. One can always find in her a blazing unified faith amidst a diverse mankind. She teaches her people how things should be done just as she was taught by Jesus, her founder. She even uses some efforts of inculturation like translating the bible to vernaculars, and the use of paintings, songs and sculptures of her different holy members.

Because of what she is doing, my faith, like a mustard seed, eventually grows bigger; a rose, gradually opening to its full bloom. With the Church’s help, my faith has become stronger and my whole being has become closer with our Creator. Through the translation of the bible into vernaculars, I understood more of what it wants its followers to see. And the use of paintings and sculptures formed images in my mind that may somehow aid the basis of my faith.

However, I know her works cannot fairly be sufficient without the help of her members. So I, as one of her members, want to share in the grandeur of the Church. Attending masses in the community helps, although many consider this as an obligation now, rather than a selfless service of praise and worship to the Lord—since she is universal because the Lord is present in her. Reverence is one too. We must pay respect to the images brought about by the Church in efforts of inculturation among different people. Lastly, proclaiming the scriptures is one—emphasizing on putting the Word of the Lord into practice, because this helps create an atmosphere that will encourage...
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