The Catholic Church

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Arbitrarily – in slight polarity of my own agnostic stand point – the Catholic Church embellishes a religion of old sacraments dating back to their saviors teachings set forth by Jesus Christ (as well as how they are interpreted abound), a holistic understanding of how to conduct oneself in the purity of Jesus to serve God, and the toils of their rituals and masses that have occurred for centuries to convey the groups servitude for God within the Church and without.

Viewed recently in The St. Mary’s Church, a large gothic structured building, with the cross of Jesus Christ imposed upon stain glass for the pure aesthetic splendor or tribute to the religions heightened worship of that symbol, it was on a Saturday evening at 5:30 p.m. that a “mass” was to commence. This is essentially the precursor to the traditional Christian Sunday mass widely known, the scriptures and teachings recited of the two masses on different days are essentially synonymous according to many of the patrons I asked; The Saturday mass accommodated for those who schedules of everyday life may conflict with (a modernized adaption). Within the church three large halls with row after row of wooden benches fitted with bible holders and pamphlets, the people of all backgrond, colors, sizes, smiles even smug faces entered and sat or mingled with their neighbors and friends of the church. The majesty and spirituality of the halls struck me, elegant stain glass scenes depicting bible stories and verses to match, candles to bright a certain warmth to the room, the vault ceilings especially allowed for extensive thought of any person in there. Promptly, the Angelic voices of their choir of children and adults singing hymns of old filled those halls, soothing row after row of people whom began to take their seats. Next to myself, an older lady greeted me with a soft hello and a handshake, as if I was a friend for many moons, it was very comforting at this gesture; “Love Thy Brother, Love Thy...
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