The Catholic Church in Australia

Topics: Catholic Church, Bishop, Protestantism Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: August 25, 2013
* The first Catholics in Australia were convicts.
* While the majority was transported for offences such as theft and violence, a large number were transported for ‘riot and sedition’. * This meant that they had been convicted of rebelling against the government in Ireland. * The Catholicism that these Irish convicts brought to Australia was that of the poor in Ireland. * Irish convicts were CATHOLIC

* In the atmosphere, the Irish people were despised.
* Priests often partook in or initiated rebellion
* Early Irish experience;
* English and Scottish convicts were Protestant * The Authority figures (Governor, Military Leaders, Officials) were Protestant * The Church of England (Anglicanism) was official religion of the colony * Authority was asked to uphold British rule, because Catholics were different they were despised. * Early history:

* In 1798, in Ireland there was a violent rebellion which led to suspicion and mistrust of Catholics by authorities. * From the start of settlement there was bitterness, suspicion and antagonism between rulers and Catholics. * Their faith, the Pope and priest were seen as a threat to British rulers.


* The Catholic Church was well established in Australia.
* Up until 1872, Catholic schools, like those of other denominations were funded by the government, along with other state run schools. * Mary Mackillop and Father Julian Tennison Woods had founded the Sisters of St Joseph in 1866, and had opened schools for the poor rural children throughout South Australia. * Free, compulsory and secular – In 1872 in Victoria, and very soon after in the other Australian colonies, the state governments passed a series of Education Acts. The * substance of...
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