The Catholic Reformation

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The Catholic Reformation
During the Catholic Reformation in mid-sixteenth century, they manifested modern thinking and practice. Although they introduced new things such as the religious orders of the franciscans and others preaching to the laypeople, the Church still stuck to traditional ways. This shows that even though the Reformation brought new ideas, catholicism still kept to traditional practices.

One of the ways the Reformation manifest modern thinking and practice was the Oratory of Divine Love. The Oratory of Divine Love was an informal group of layman and clergy who fostered the reform. They did so by emphasizing personal spiritual development and acts towards charity. The Oratory which was first organized in 1497 included members like the spanish archbishop and Cardinal Ximenes. Another way the Church pointed in a more modern direction is through the calls for reform from religious orders. These orders included the Franciscans, Dominicans, and Augustinians. Members put a lot of effort into preaching to laypeople, or non-clergy. There also was a reformed Papacy. This was when the pope had involvement in finances and italian political and military affairs. This created many sources of corruption which took the Protestant Reformation to bring serious reform. Finally what changed in the reformation was the idea that salvation is grace through faith and not the church. Before the reformation people believed that salvation was through the church. After people agree with salvation being through good deeds and your faith. This shows how the Catholic Reformation was having a changed, more modernized way of thinking or practicing.

Although during the Reformation the Church took a modern spin, they still kept to traditional ways. One of the main ways they stayed traditional was the whole idea of christendom. Society and government were still very connected and influenced by religion. This isn’t a modern concept because even in the early church people...
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