The Corrupt Church and Martin Luther

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: October 11, 2012
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Martin Luther grew up to be one of the most important people in Europe during the reformation era. He grew up in Saxony and eventually became a monk and priest. Luther was taught by some of the harshest monks during his youth which eventually made him become who he has with his literal teachings of scripture. He first went to Rome and was outraged by the priests of Rome, prostitution, and many other unholy acts. After his visit h wrote ninety-five pages Thesis to Archbishop Albert who needed money. Albert was acquiring money through five pages Thesis to Archbishop Albert who needed money. Albert was acquiring money through selling his indulgences. The church at the time allowed the selling of indulgences which was like a get out of jail free card for your sins. In doc A they describe a imagined scene of Pope Julius II not able to enter heaven. He was one of the popes who sold many indulgences and corrupted the church with them at that time as well. Martin Luther adamantly opposed indulgences because he believed only what was in scripture, Believed in only two of the holy seven sacraments, and faith alone will bring salvation. These beliefs combined with the church at the time led him to write all of his writings, which radically changed the reformation era.

Martin Luther was taught as a monk to only believe what scripture preaches. With many years of reading Luther even truly believed that the church was flawed due to the positions and the power the positions hold. Nowhere in scripture was it detailed that there should be a pope let alone have him be above the law and be so powerful. Luther wrote many pamphlets and letters to the pope describing him as the devil himself sometimes and how corrupt he was. Document E clearly states from the Ninety-fi e thesis that martin Luther wrote, “The pope has neither the will nor the power to remit any penalties beyond those imposed either at his own discretion or by canon law.” It also stated...
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