The Decisions of People in Position of Authority

Topics: The Ninety-Five Theses, Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Existence of authority in many different forms is primarily vital for group of people to maintain each other’s safeties as well as rights. On the other hand, inborn greed which everyone sometimes leads people in positions or authority to make mistakes as well as misconception. Thus it is important to question the idea and decisions of people in positions or authority. Galileo Galilei, Italian scientist, illustrates this on history. During his time in Italy authority of Catholicism, Vatican, not only had been inspecting its churches throughout European continent but they also had extended their power into censorship of any idea opposed to them. However, Galilei challenged widely accepted view that other planets revolves around earth at the center of solar system with opposite theory that actually earth and other planets around sun at the center. Followed harsh critiques from other scholars, his theory initially were ignored by authorities, for lacking any evidence to charge. Yet reiterating his own idea had him tried by priests in Vatican, which Galilei was coerced to abandon his theory, his refusal caused him to be under house arrest for rest of his life. Despite his misery, he published more books to articulate his ideas, and his tenacious discovery of truth kindled people’s interest of being free from religious oppression helping Italy’s transition to Renaissance era. As in Italy Galilei lived, Martin Luther, a renowned German theologian, had to realize the situation in which Catholic churches distorted their teachings for their advantages. During his time at Europe, authority at Vatican needed more money to build new church in Rome. This led them to legitimately collect money from public introducing a doctrine that freedom from God’s punishment for sin can be purchased with money. However, Luther who believed that forgiveness of sin is grant by God rather than something that can obtained by good work or charity opposed church’s teaching by sending bishop...
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