The Effect of Computers on Our Everyday Lives

Topics: Health, Brain, Personal life Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: December 28, 2013
Cause and Effect Essay
The effects of computers on our everyday lives
Computers are invention of science and it is one of the modern technologies in the world which is very helpful for all human beings. Due to computers we can do our work very easily without any interruption it has taken a place of typewriter and is introduced in a new and a in a modern way. We can save our large amount of our data on its hard drive and we can also do it calculation and it is also taken a place of human brain. Due to its more usage in everyday life it put bad effects also on our life.

Computers has its disadvantages also when a person sit on a computer for a long period of time and continuously doing its work without stopping then the person feels ill and it put bad effects on the health of that person. Secondly it also harmful for our brain and it produces bad effects on our eye sight and our eyesight becomes weaker by sitting on a computer for a long period of time and it leads us to put glasses on our sight.

Furthermore, including negative effects the computers has its positive effects also such as we will do our work and calculation within a seconds for which a human brain cannot do. We can also search on the internet and we can find raw material and information related to our work. We can chat with our relatives and can see each other on the computer through video call. A computer is also very help full for business and organizations because they operate their and maintain their work and store their working data in it and that can be viewed at any time by just one click. A computer is also help in to do online shopping and different things through the internet.

Moreover, now days it is very helpful and we can see it everywhere we go and it is very common. We can entertain also on the computer in our free time such as play different games, listening music and buy browsing on the internet in our free time and when we are bored.

In the end, computer is a very...
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