The Funniest Incident

Topics: Love, Proposal of marriage, Public transport Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: November 23, 2010
One Sunday moming, I received an invitation from a friend of mine, Sudhir. I had come back from the UK to my native place. So, he invited me to lunch. I got up early in the morning and started getting ready. My sister gave me a cup of tea early in the morning. Then, 1 took my bath and got ready. My sister then again asked me to take some snacks and tea but I refused to take it as I was more interested in reaching my friend’s house. She insisted upon me to take a heavy breakfast but I ignored her request. I went out of my house and stood at the bus-stop. I boarded the bus. The conductor came and asked me to buy a ticket. I asked him to give me a ticket for Babar Lane. The conductor frowned upon me saying, “It is going in the reverse direction, you get down at the next stop and catch another bus.” I was baffled for some time. Then, I alighted from the bus and again waited for the bus going to the Babar Lane. I got the bus and reached 15, Babar Lane. But surprisingly, when I reached his house, I found the door locked. I was puzzled and thought whether I had come to the right place. After some time, a neighbour of my friend came and asked me, “Why are you standing here? Do you want to meet someone?” I replied, “Yes, I want to see Mr Sudhir living in Quarter No 15.” He immediately quibbled, “But he changed his house last Wednesday and has gone to R K Puram.” Frustrated, I came back to the bus stop. I was feeling hungry. After some time, it started drizzling. I was now in a fix as to what to do. My confusion was compounded by the torrential rains!p’ had refused to take morning breakfast in the hope that I would take it at my friend’s house. At this state, my anger was mounting. I was cursing myself as well as my fate. But I controlled my anger. I made up my mind to meet Sudhir. An idea hit my mind. I gave a ring at the Enquiry Office, R K Puram. The person on duty gave me his address. I made my journey to R K Puram and reached the quarter as I was told by the Enquiry...
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