The Garden Depot Case Report

Topics: Management, Landscape, Employment Pages: 6 (2047 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Established in 1985, was a small, family-owned floral company, known as The Garden Depot, located in Barrie, Ontario. By 2007, The Garden Depot operated a successful 12,000 square-foot retail store, a law maintenance division and, a landscaping division. Due to the nature of the gardening business, The Garden Depot’s sales fluctuated with seasonal demands. An important individual and key player in the business is Janice Bowman. After thirteen years of service with one of The Garden Depot’s competitor’s, Bowman was offered a position at The Garden Depot in 2005. In March 2006, Bowman became the office manager, which included tasks such as inventory management, computer oriented individual who would go to great lengths to ensure customers had a positive experience with The Garden Depot. Major problems occurring in the company include: the hiring of Derek Sinclair as the landscaping manager, despite having any experience in the landscaping industry, Janice Bowman being involved in too many areas of the business and, Jayme Strong, a landscaper, dishonestly recording the time that he had worked. Problems

During operation, it had become apparent that complications were occurring in The Garden Depot, causing efficiency to decrease. After Derek Sinclair’s integration into his position as manager of the landscaping division at The Garden Depot, immediate problems were discovered and, it was evident that he was not qualified to be a manager. As manager at The Garden Depot, Derek’s responsibilities covered four key categories, including: organizing and deploying landscapers to job sites, dealing with customers and responding to customer concerns, invoicing completed landscaping jobs and, traveling to clients’ homes to quote jobs. Sinclair was unable to appropriately organize and deploy landscapers to job sites, as the landscapers had not known what job sites they were to be deployed to. Sinclair was unable to answer specific customer questions, as he lacked the knowledge needed to work in the landscaping division; leading to numerous customer complaints. Sinclair was not completing invoices or distributing them to customers; Bowman was often found completing this task. This meant that the customer was not being billed for the work that had been completed by The Garden Depot. Since Sinclair had lacked the landscaping knowledge and skills necessary to complete duties, many jobs were not priced accordingly to the cost of materials used; Sinclair was unsure of what materials were needed for a specific job. Sinclair is opting out of many job responsibilities meanwhile; he has failed to complete the remaining duties. This proves that Sinclair is unqualified for the job and, that he lacks the knowledge needed to be a successful manager in the landscaping division of The Garden Depot.

Another major concern is Bowman’s involvement in too many areas of the business, a level that is not attainable. Bowman’s responsibilities include: inventory management, computer system management and, logistics. In addition to other responsibilities, Bowman was often left to distribute invoices and, to deal with customer complaints; both of which are Sinclair’s duties as a manager of the landscaping division. Bowman deemed it her responsibility to solve many of the landscaping division’s issues, causing her to fall behind with her own responsibilities. This is unacceptable, as Bowman has an important role in the operation of the company. Bowman’s commitment to the business is one that is valued and, it is evident that she would like The Garden Depot to succeed and grow in the future.

It has become apparent that Derek Sinclair is not a very knowledgeable and informed manager. He had not acknowledged the one of his landscapers, Jayme Strong, appeared to be recording his time dishonestly and, may have potentially stolen goods from the company. This became evident when Bowman was reviewing Strong’s timecard for the day. It had taken Strong longer...
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