The Innovation of the Segway

Topics: Automobile, Transport, Dean Kamen Pages: 6 (1339 words) Published: February 11, 2011
The Innovation of the Segway
By Mona Alsheddi Kettering University Jan 26th, 2011

1. Abstract This paper discusses the innovation of the new personal transporter: Segway. It gives a brief description of the

Segway is a self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen and produced by Segway Inc. in 2001. The name Segway came from an Italian word means “follows”. (1) As any other transportation device, Segway is used to move from one place to another, yet it used to move among places that are close to each other since the maximum speed of any Segway is 12 ½ miles per hour, regardless of slope or terrain. (2) In fact, not all Segways are the same. Segway Inc. offers different models for different kinds of users.

technology that has been used in the Segway, how it is manufactured, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Segway. The the paper also



improvement the Segway has made over the other transportation devices, the changes it has brought to the world, and how the society responded to these changes.

2. Introduction

3. Technology Segway consist of two wheels driven by motors, 1






sophisticated electronics and software, and sensors to detect movements. (3) It uses well developed Lithium Ion

wants to turn left or right, the rider simply moves the steer frame left or right. (4)

batteries to power the motors. A single charge can support up to 24 miles/38km of travel. (4) Segway is built to stay balanced in one place with the help of a built in computer and sensors. Changing from a balanced status is detected by the sensors that immediately send signals to the onboard computers which then direct motors to regain balance. (1) It's like it can almost read your mind! That is what makes the Segway special. The extremely that sensitive have built high-tech into it 4. Users “The Segway is a great way to enjoy the ride while commuting to work, running errands, or just traveling a short


automatically respond to the rider’s body movements to move or change the speed. When a rider wants to move forward or backward, he just leans slightly forward or backward. He also can do the same movement to change the speed without using brakes. If he

distance where a car is more hassle than it's worth.” (4) It’s useful for some people who are unable to walk long distances such as people with

Parkinson's disease. Police and security


agencies worldwide can use Segway at airports, transit stations, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, campuses, or any other public areas that need to be patrolled. In businesses, Segway can be remarkable for operations in outdoor environments. Employees who need to move around every day can complete their daily jobs up to three times faster when using a Segway instead of

“The Segway is 11 times more efficient than the average American car, and over three times more efficient than even the highest-mileage scooters.” (4) It is an outstanding way to move someone on some short distances where a car might be more bothering and inessential, and some long distance where walking is more wasting time and energy. Because the Segway takes up about as much area as a person walking, it fits almost everywhere. It can be used in places like stores, office buildings, businesses, airports,

walking. They also can accomplish more without feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Some models are also suitable for moving heavy materials. Segway can satisfy the business

elevators, and trains where a car or bicycle can’t. It is also easy to park. Segway doesn’t require a special

transportation needs, help to achieve the business goals, and positively

impact the bottom line. In addition, golf players can use Segway to play a round in a fun and flexible way. (4)

training to operate, or takes a lot of practice to ride it well like some transportation vehicles. It doesn’t need a smooth...

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