The Mortar of Assimilation

Topics: Irish people, Catholic Church, Melting pot Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: September 6, 2012
The cartoon ,,The Mortar of Assimilation'', from 26 June 1889 appeared in Puck and drawn by an unknown cartoonist . It shows a huge Woman and stirs the melting pot with the ladle of '' equal rights'' In the bowl are a lot of men, who are seeming to be content. But a malcontent Irishman stands on the edge and is protesting.The cartoon doesn't include any caption or speech bubbles.

On the very left you can see a big woman, who allegorically stands for America or especially the Alma Mater. This Woman has the American Flag as a skirt and on her head she has a thorn krone. In her hands she holds a ladle, on this ladle is the writing '' equal rights'', so the ladle stands allegorically for the equal rights. And with this ladle she stirs the immigrants, which are in a bowl called ''citizenship''. On the left is an Irishman standing on the edge and shouting, in his hands he has a flag and a knife. The cartoon describes the situation after the Immigrations of the Europeans in America. The cartoon expresses the political situation of Americas Immigrants. The bowl with the immigrants has the meaning that now all Europeans belong to a new citizenship, from now on they are all American. The huge woman symbolizes a divine being of America, which gives the new citizenship the Privilege of equal rights, because in Europe you didn't got any land if you don't heritage it. Furthermore the cartoon wants to point out that a new race develops this race will have a new culture and new principles. But the Irish man don't want to get assimilate like the other Immigrants, the reason why is because the first settlers were Lutherans, which went to America to escape the persecution of the catholic church and their members. And after more and more settlers came to America and began a new life the poor Irish and Italian people began to immigrant to and so the conflict between their belief started again. Because of this circumstances the Irishmen didn't want to get mixed with the...
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