The Public Transportation Should Be Free

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The Public Transportation Should be Free of Charge
We know that the current congestion is getting worse in big cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya. There are many private vehicles were thronged the streets. Especially in the cars, there are a lot of private cars that contain only one or two passenger only. It could have a major impact on the balance of nature and global warming. But there are many solutions to reduce this problem. If I could request one important thing to the government about my hometown, it would be subsidized for public transportation. The public transportation should be free of charge. I will give the following reasons to explain why I want it happen. Firstly, of course the reason is about the traffic jam problem. The second are for fuel savings, and the last for our health.

The first and most important reason is that can reduce the traffic jam. No more longer of jam in the streets, because people were gathered in one bus or car. It will make the people to leave their cars at home. With use the public transportation, we can spend more time for read books or socialize with others. It does not bother because there is someone else to drive for us.

Another reason why I want to fully subsidize for public transportation is that less the fuel. If we use the public transport, so we can save on fuel usage. By reduce the consumption gas, it means that we can save the natural resources that we have. The government also be wise in managing the fuel consumption. In addition, let is look at the advantages to our self. Think of the money that we can save by consuming gas, car repairs, and so on. It can help us to invest more in the future. The last reason that we must have to think for health, it is also many advantages in our health. We will be healthier, because we walk a much more. It can help to physically exercise our self. There will be more room for parks and trees. The trees and greenery will produce a lot of oxygen. Then the...
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