The Spread of the Protestant Reformation Across Europe

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Catholic Church, The Ninety-Five Theses Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the church door
Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the church door


The sixteenth century in Europe saw a lot of changes in almost every aspect of life. It signified the beginning of the modern era and witnessed revolutionary events such as the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation and several others that marked the end of the medieval world. Europe’s religious theology prior to the reformation included the system of indulgences where the Catholic Church allowed men to buy their forgiveness, the Great Schism which was comprised of three different popes elected due to political conflicts and several other events that hinted at the ongoing corruption in the Catholic Church. Luther’s goal with his ninety five theses was to engage in a discussion regarding the power corruption of the popes and the popular system of indulgences that was becoming the perfect, expensive way to attain heaven. Martin Luther, through his reformation had a huge impact on Europe because he encouraged people to see the primacy of the scripture provided them with the rationale to break free from the hold of the Catholic Church and also laid the foundation for new religious and political thinking that played a role in revolutionizing the western world that we are a part of today. A very popular invention in the 1500s included the printing press which played a huge role in spreading Luther’s ideas therefore leading to a lot of people doubting their beliefs. The 95 Theses written by Luther were merely complaints regarding the system of indulgences that was becoming increasingly popular. Later on, Luther began to translate the Holy Scripture in German because he wanted the common people to have the ability to read and understand the bible on their own terms. During his translation/ study of the scripture, Luther found no support for indulgences in the holy bible and wholeheartedly believed that they were of no...

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