The Western Tradition

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The western tradition
Renaissance is a French term meaning rebirth is a perfect description of the economic as well as intellectual changes that happened in Europe continent from fourteenth century through the sixteenth century. In the course of the renaissance era, the whole of Europe sprung from stagnation in terms of economic status which was dominant in the middle ages to a period of economic or financial prominence. Of much greater importance about this period of renaissance was the fact that it was an age characterized with a paradigm shift of social, artistic, scientific and also political thought into new directions. In more general terms the western traditional can be attributed to having been built up by the renaissance period as well other historical spells like the protestant reformation as well as the famous scientific revolution that took place in parts of the ancient Greek empire. A description of the western culture cannot therefore be termed as complete without making detailed mention of such other historical event as were witnessed during those various periods. The protestant reformation was a period of religious schism that took toll within the western Christianity and that had been initiated by martin Luther, john Wycliffe and others ancient protestants. These individuals mainly protested against the rituals, leadership, doctrines as well as the ecclesiastical structure that were inherent in the Roman Catholic Church. This reformation had a precipitation from earlier events taking place in Europe which included the Black Death and also the western schism and the results were an erosion of the faith of the people in papacy and the entire Catholic Church where the former governed the latter. To sum it up, these ideas of reformation and renaissance together with others like printing press invention which is part of scientific revolution significantly made contributions to the creation of...
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