Theistic Versus Deistic World Views

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Theistic World View
In this part of the essay I will explain the uniqueness and strengths of a Theistic World View. I will introduce the leading topics that bring theistic world view to the forefront of world views and I will elaborate on each subject as needed and may express my own personal views on the different subjects.

The Theistic world view is unique and strong because in this view God is infinite, personal, transcendent, omniscient, sovereign and good. It is he who created the universe, world, ex nihilo it is God who is the first instance and operates with uniformity in cause and effect of an open system.

In Theism God had neither beginning nor will he ever have an end. From eternity God gave himself away to the son and gave him space so that the son could be. The Son has been an eternal yes to the Father and this gap is closed or communicated from by the Holy Spirit. (Von Balthasar 2000) This in a nut shell is the “Theistic” Trinity, a three in one living in a true harmonic relationship.

God being pure love could not but give his love away and empty himself (kenosis). In this kenosis he created man. He created man in his image and goodness with his own free will thus man possesses personality, self-transcendence, intelligence, morality, gregariousness and creativity. (Polkinghorne, 2001; Sire, 2009)

As a personal being God sought out man from his creation and communicated with him revealing himself to man. It is God who gave man the requirements to live in harmony then after the fall eventually God presented to man the law and ordinances needed to live and thrive in God’s love.

Because of the fall of man came death, but our Triune God gave us Jesus as a perfect oblation and sacrifice to forgive our transgressions and defeat death and give us back eternal life. We live therefore to seek first the kingdom of God and to serve him in others as his Christ did.

“Made in god’s image we are essentially moral beings, and thus we cannot refuse to bring moral categories to bear on our actions.”(Sire 2009 p. 42 para. 3) Our sense of morality has been skewed by the fall, but being in his image we cannot get rid of the sense that things are right or natural and others are not. Take for example today’s societal idea of the acceptance of living as husband and wife without being married; it is still called living in sin, and not just as a use of today’s jargon. Man cannot shed himself of God’s intrinsic morality for man.

History is linear and is a meaningful sequential set of events fulfilling God’s purpose for humanity. Our god spoke to the Israelites through prophets warning them of imminent punishment coming for their forsakenness of him and his law. These same warnings are as relevant today as they were then. We today are repeating the errant ways of our brothers of yesterday. We praise for the sake of praise, we have put money forward as our god. A good example is the province of Quebec who have just declared themselves as Catholics but deny the faith. They are Catholic because of heredity just as the Jews were Hebrews simply through heredity and they forsake the God of the Hebrews.

Christian world view (theistic) is unique with many attributes but none the least of which is the way it serves as the focus for the definitive meaning of life not just in human existence as theoretical, but the meaning the essence of life for each Christian. A theistic world view is about God it is not about self. A Theistic world view seeks not self-gratification or happiness but a relationship with God and the consequence is then pleasure and happiness.

Theism is not born of man to decay and eventually rot and in effect decay and rot the mind of man. It is not man made. It is a non-beginning not ending living being. It was here yesterday, it is here today and it will be here tomorrow and for tomorrows into eternity. The theistic world view is never changing as God...

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