Traffic in Vietnam

Topics: Automobile, Road, Economy Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Traffic in Viet Nam
When thinking about traffic, I’ve a funny imagination of circulatory system. We need circulatory system to pass nutrients, blood cells, hormones through the human body, so does with the traffic. Traffic is one of the most important thing that every countries must pay much concern. And traffic in Viet Nam, what we’ve done in 10 years? 1 Good and bad improvements We should talk about the good first: For 10 years, we completed some main roads contributing to the socio- economic development such as Ben Thuy,Thai Binh bridges, national road No1( highway)… Mountainous or rural transport in this period was also given much care of the government for new lands, upgrading the old lands, broadening alleys. Going along with the economic development, traffic in Viet Nam has a great jump that is surprising. We can easily realize the changes. Ten years ago, the traffic was not as busy as nowadays. Even in the craziest dream, I had never dreamt of riding a motorbike( at that time: having a motorbike is quite luxury). Now you can own a motorbike with a small amount of money; and if you have enough money, you can own a private car. Apparently, the life’s standard is going up, it is expressed by the number of automobile driven on the roads. But is it good or bad? Is it the sign of Viet Nam economic’s Wake Up. In fact, transport doesn’t go a step ahead to meet the development’s requirements of the national economy. The traffic can be a nightmare for visitors to Viet Nam for the first time. Believe it or not, there are transport rules but people don’t seem really interested in following them. Three or four people on one motorbike is a common sight, particularly with the young. Every day, there’re accidents we see and fear, which about 30 people die per day according to some data on traffic accidents. The traffic is worst during the rush hour when everyone is attempting to get to work or get home quickly. Some people ride their motorbikes on the pavement rather...
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