Transformation of the Western Civilization

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Pope Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: March 11, 2013
“Transformation of the Western Civilization”

“Examination Final”

Reinaldo Gutierrez
Early Western History

HIST 1090 – EV1

Professor Vincent L. Toscano

December 6th, 2011

In a period about 250 years, the western civilization experiment a series of changes that will shift the medieval world of the 1400 to a brand new modern era by the mid-1600, all aspect of the medieval civilization suffer a notorious changes and transformation that will lead to this transformation and will shape the era where we live today. Politic systems, economical models, educational practices, technology and one of the most affected factors of these times, the religion where one of the many aspect to suffer from this changing factors. All these alterations turn the westerns world from a medieval era passing thru the Renaissance and begin to shape the modern world with a lot of similitude with today society. One of the most important transformations took place in the heart of the religion structure. By 1450 only one religion rules this world, with one head of the church, the Pope was the highest representative of the Catholic Church with almost the same power of kings and lords of Europe. Catholic Church had a very important role in early society, they are the only institution to teach and practice the education, they was the ones to choose, how are the people that have the privilege to study and teach, by these era only one language was the primary language of Europe, all the studies and services offered by the Catholic Church was in Latin, the official language of the Rome empire and it’s territories. They build all across Europe magnificent churches and structures to spread the world of Good these can be seen as a sign of power as well, from followers and enemies. In the medieval era the political structure of the church was one of the most advance and effective political system, and proves to be the most correct...

References: Jacson J. Spielvogel (2010). Western Civilization. Wadsworth, Gengage Learning: USA
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