Traveling by Plane Is Better Than Driving

Topics: Automobile, A Great Way to Care, Travel Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Traveling by Plane is better than Driving
It is better to travel by plane then driving while on vacation. It is more convenient in many ways. By fling there is a higher chance of getting to your destination faster. There is no need to worry about falling asleep on the weal so it is easier to stay relaxed. While fling a person has all the entertainment they need because there are normally a lot of shows playing and if one ever gets tired of sitting they can just walk around and still get to their destination without having to stop. If were to be driving it would take longer to get to destination because then one would have to stop at a break area. Also there would be no need to stop for food because the air hostess would bring it to the passenger. While driving it would be another stop and add more time to the destination. By traveling by plane a person can have more fun on their trip and not be tiered because of the long drive. By traveling by plane it has been said to be safer. Sources have said it is one in eleven million chance of being involved in an airplane crash while there is only one in five thousand chance of getting killed in an automobile accident. (Fury, Chris) By driving a person has a huge chance of falling asleep while driving. When on the other hand while on a plane there is no driving so if anyone were to fall asleep it wouldn’t be a problem and stay warm with the big comfy blanket that was given at the beginning of traveling. Traveling on the plane has the benefits of keeping a person entertained. If a passenger were to drive they more than likely would bored because they have nothing to do but drive. They might have some company but how long would they talk for. For the people who are accompanying the driver can watch videos on the car TV. But those are real expensive so about one out of five people will have it. So if they were to go on the plane everyone would be entertained because every passenger has their own little TV to watch movies...
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