Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

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Appendix B

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

In this worksheet, you must identify solutions for three computer hardware problems. For each solution, prepare an answer of at least 150 words in each Answer box.

Part One: Troubleshooting a Failed Boot
|Problem | |The computer fails to boot. | |Details | |Error messages and beeps occur during Power On Self Test startup. Note. You have not recently upgraded the memory. | |Question | |What are four possible sources for the error messages? How do you troubleshoot them? | |Hint: Look at Figure 6-56 Use this flowchart when first facing a computer problem | |Courtesy: Course Technology/Cengage Learning. | |Answer | |There may be four potential issues that could be shown by error messages and with beeps and those are a dead CMOS battery, disk | |drive failure, video card problems, and memory failure. Just to add, the issues are listed in order of easiest to hardest to fix. | |To fix the CMOS batter problem: turn on the PC and press the desired (i.e. F2) key to enter the BIOS system. Afterwards, reviwe the| |BIOS settings, like the time and date. If they have been set in the past, it’s most likely the...
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