True Cowards

Topics: Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Corazon Aquino Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Reproductive health bill is a law that seeks to promote the knowledge of using natural and artificial contraceptives for the control of birth rate and to avoid diseases. This law was first filed during Cory Aquino’s administration but was not passed due to the church declining to accept such ways of living. However, the law was once again filed in Noynoy Aquino’s administration and was finally passed as a new law of the Philippines. But even before the current president could sign the law, many quarrels and debates have had happened between those who are against and in favor of the new law. The leading group who are against this law is the church and its alliances. But there were still those who, even though they are under the Catholic Church, agreed to the idea of having RH Bill implemented in our country and these people, who were judged as cowards and are not honest, are the ones who truly care for this country. These are the professors and students who belonged to a Catholic school or university yet they have forgotten and left behind their beliefs just to sign a law that would give our country a chance to improve and develop. That is why I disagree to those who thought that these people are dishonest and cowards because they are the real brave ones who stepped out of their shells and courageously faced the new and evolving world. Those who are in the opposition pointed out that those who had agreed to RH bill dismissed the idea of the side effects that the usage of contraceptives could give and such usage would only show that we are against God’s will of bringing a new life in our world. And even those who teach Theology and had submitted themselves to the law are to refrain from teaching. The university had even ordered its professors that whenever they expresses their own stand on the issue, they better do it outside the campus and they are not allowed to tell that they work under a Catholic church or Catholic university. Such orders or rules are crossing...
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