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Topics: Automobile, 1948 Tucker Sedan, Preston Tucker Pages: 2 (1059 words) Published: November 5, 2014
Tucker Case Analysis Preston Tucker never let obstacles get in his way. He had a dream, and was willing to put in the work to make sure that his dream got realized. Some adjectives to describe him are anxious, optimistic, and perhaps overly ambitious. Tucker was a visionary a man who made some changes to the automobile that have become staples in manufacturing plants today. His idea for a seatbelt as well as a directional headlight and windshield that would pop out in the event of a collision changed the way engineers think about cars. No one can dispute Tuckers will to succeed. He was the eternal optimist who knew that he could help improve the automobile industry. However, despite Mr. Tuckers optimistic bravado, had he played his cards better, the Tucker Sedan could have been far more successful than it was. Tucker had been around vehicles for many years, whether it be with the Tucker Aviation Corporation or his venture with Harry Miller and occasional trips to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. When he got the idea for a new type of car, he was extremely excited about its possibilities. He thought that he could revolutionize the way an automobile worked, and was extremely confident that he could make it happen. Tucker was a confident man. He was confident that he had a great idea and confident that he could find qualified people to help him achieve his dream. To the dismay of Abe Karatz, he stood up before the Government and blasted the Big 3 automobile makers in Detroit. He said that they were guilty of negligence, and they dont care about safety. What Tucker did took cojones. He was a passionate man who was not afraid to speak his mind. Tucker showcased a bright, optimistic mantra that helped himself make a compelling case. He was a great salesman, and got his wish for a plant to make his cars. While I applaud Mr. Tucker for his positive outlook, he could have done some things to put himself in a better position to succeed. While Mr. Tucker had a good vision...
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