UK Unemployment Economic Analysis

Topics: Unemployment, Inflation, Macroeconomics Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: November 26, 2013
 “UK jobless total climbs to 2.4m”

A lot of countries have been affected by the global economic crisis, one of the ones being the United Kingdom. The UK underwent a series of economic problems within the nation during those times one of which is significant would be employment. Despite their efforts to recover from the crisis, the amount of unemployed people has rather increased by 220,000 to 2,435,000 within just three months to June. This places UK’s jobless rate at 7.8%

The unemployment rate within the UK has proven to be the highest since the last 12 years where it rose to just 4.9%. People have been losing jobs and are not able to look for an alternative job. Most of the people who lost their jobs are a part of the labor and industrial market in the UK since labor and industries are expensive in the UK. The people in the businesses that are not able to sell their products within the company’s financial goal are the ones fired in this case.

Excessive rates of unemployment may be fitted in as Demand-Deficient Unemployment that is caused by corresponding decreases in production and aggregate demand. During an economic recession, consumers will most likely lose confidence within certain products making them consume less of these products; this will cause aggregate demand to shift to the left as seen in the following graph.

With less demand for certain goods around, companies would start to produce less of those goods, and with lesser products to produce and sell, lesser workers would be needed to work and make these products. This decreases the demand for workers. Although wage stickiness would help workers to work at their normal salaries creating happy and motivated workers during a recession, the need for workers would have decreased much anyways too allow any hiring. Instead, as things are getting worse within the economy, more workers may have to have been fired in the near future.

As firstly mentioned, the drastically growing rate of...
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