Unforgettable Accident

Topics: Automobile, Van, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Arturo Morales

Mrs. Brown

English 11B

13 September 2010

A Tragic Accident

“Yeah! Let’s go, let’s go!” I said when they asked if I wanted to go watch the first race of the night. My heart was pounding and my adrenaline was pumping. Screech! They took off, the Mustang in front of the Srt-4. My heart started pumping faster hearing the blow off valve from the Srt-4 and the loud roar of the Mustang. “Who is going to win?”I thought to myself. It was close the Mustang won by about a half car but there is two races left. Vroom vroom! Screech! Again! They take off the Srt-4 in front this time! The Srt-4 wins so now it’s a tie! There’s one race left as we get close to the exit back to the car meet. “Let’s just go back we’re almost back to the meet and we saw two race”, I said to my friends Yousef and Ian. Alright let’s go they said. So were on our way to the meet. “Wow those cars were fast I thought the Srt-4 would win”, I said. “Yeah it was a close race”, said my friend Ian. We heard the sounds of sirens. Swoosh and ambulance flies by towards the direction where they were racing. “Whoa that’s weird” say my friends. We hear more sirens going towards where they were racing as we pull up to the meet. We pull up and everybody is wondering who won? How close was th race? Where are they? Then we hear the Srt-4 is on fire! The guy in the mustang called one of his friends and htold him that the Srt-4 caught on fire. Everyone starts busting up laughing about his car catching on fire. Everyone decides to leave since cops are going to be wondering if it had anything to do with the meet. Ian and I decide to leave.. We were on our way to Temecula from Hemet and we have to pass where the car was on fire. We were on our way home when, oh my God! There was about six fire trucks, five police cars and an ambulance or two blocking off the road, In the middle of all those emergency vehicles was the yellow Srt-4. What seemed to be a car catching on fire and pulling over was...
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