unit 302 task ci

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My personal preferences might impact my working practice as some of the service users only believe they need to be bathed or showered once a week, whereas I believe that they should all be bathed or showered at least twice a week to help maintain a high level of personal hygiene, some of the service users strongly disagree with this especially Mrs L, who is certain she only needs a shower or bath once a month, this conflicts with my beliefs that all service users need to be kept clean, by having a shower or bath once a month I find Mrs L to be unhygienic, however to respect Mrs L's wishes and preferences I must allow her to make her own choices, although I can try and persuade her to have a shower or bath more frequently, but this may be conflicting with her own preferences. This may affect my working practice as I may try and avoid Mrs L due to lack of personal hygiene, and therefore treat her differently to all the other service users within the home. My religion my affect my working practice as some of the service users are Catholics whereas I am a Christian, however to respect the beliefs of them I have to actively encourage them to attend the catholic church that attends the home once a month, I may treat the catholic residents differently or inadvertently say something to offend them and their religion, I may also treat them differently by not actively taking part in activities that have been especially organised for them.

To ensure that my practice is inclusive I make sure that when activities are organised for the service users in the conservatory there is something available for them all for example if the catholic church comes and there are some service users who do not wish to be included in the service could be moved to another lounge in the home to take part in activities they enjoy. When a service user refuses a bath or shower I would ask them why they declined a shower, if the reason was easy to resolve such as I would like one tomorrow but I...
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