Urban Education

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Suburban schools are located in the suburbs and rural schools are located in small, rural areas. Urban Education is defined as education taught in a school located in the city (urban areas). These schools have numerous distinct traits that make them easy to be recognizable. The students that attend these schools come from a wide variety of homes, incomes, beliefs, morals, priorities and are mostly African American, Mexican, and Asian. Unlike suburban and rural schools, the classrooms in urban education are often overcrowded with over 30 students or more in each class. I believe that with so many students (from all different backgrounds) in one classroom, behavior problems are a constant issue. So many of these students suffer at home and mimic what they see at home once they leave that setting, which is normally the school. School may be the only place they feel they can be themselves. There are also many special needs students in these schools that do not receive the needed attention due to shortage on of special education teachers available. I believe that that UHD is correlating with the Urban Education because the demands for those teachers are high. Communities in urban area need educators that would be a great asset to the students. With the many differences, the Urban Education Program will help prepare obstacles we may face and help us to prepare for some of the things we may have never experienced, such as poverty. These schools do not get the upgraded book, and the newest technology. I have noticed that in many of my previous classes, we have not focused on activities that pertain to a book or advanced technology. Many of the activities that we do are hands on, mainly relies on our ideas and imaginations rather than books.
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