Vatican City

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Vatican City
Vatican City is a country of religion. A mere .44 square kilometers in total, the city-state is the central hub for the governing body of the Catholic faith; thousands of followers worldwide come annually to view the numerous artistic masterpieces and visit the center of their beliefs. Religion is found in virtually all aspects of Vatican City and can be seen in its culture, politics, and economy.

The culture of Vatican City is dominated by religious aspects and traditions. For one, the identity of the city-state in itself is religious and not national; it presents itself transnationally and universally to represent all members of the Church. Virtually 100% of residents are Roman Catholic, whether they be priests, nuns, or lay workers, enforcing the idea of a religious identity as a whole. Also, in Vatican City, there are no secular, or non-religious, holidays--all celebrations follow the Liturgical Year of Catholicism, with massive celebrations for the most important holidays such as Easter and Christmas ,attracting thousands of tourists annually. Finally, Vatican City is well-known for its many artistic masterpieces housed within its walls, some dating back to the 12th century, which depict various biblical scenes, such as The Last Judgement, a fresco painted by Michelangelo on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel, depicting the Second Coming of Christ, illustrating its rich religious background even in its art. Altogether, religion is the predominant influence on the culture of Vatican City.

Religion in Vatican City can also be seen politically. The government of Vatican City is ecclesiastical or an absolute monarchy; the Pope, elected by cardinals, is the Head of State and has supreme authority over the Church both inside the walls and globally, as the belief that is held is that, in essence, the Pope is the earthly emissary of God, and thus the people of the Vatican are ruled by God. The law of Vatican City basically follows canon law,...
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