Vietnam Economy

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A.Investigate the economic social and global environment in which associations operate.2 1.Vietnamese economic system attempt to allocate and make effective use of resources2 2.Discuss the impact of social welfare and industrial policy initiatives on organizations.3 3.Evaluate the impact of macroeconomic policy measures and the influence of the global economy on international-based organization and stakeholders.4 B.Investigate the behavior of association and the market environment5 4.Explain how market structures impact on the fruit association.5 5.Use examples to illustrate the relationship between employed between market forces and association.7 6.Explain the behavior and competitive strategies employed by the organization association.7 7.Discuss the importance of international trade, economic integration and global markets to the association.8 8.Analyze the impact of two policies of the European Union in case of exporting fruit to UK market.9 II.Conclusion.10


I. Details.

A. Investigate the economic social and global environment in which associations operate.

1. Vietnamese economic system attempt to allocate and make effective use of resources

In advanced economies, there are many different ways to deal with the question of scarcity. Different countries use different approaches or types of economic systems. Vietnam is a country which uses the mixed economy. In

this type of economy there is a balance between market forces and state intervention. This kind of system influences the impact of attempting to allocate as well as make effective use of resources in Vietnam.

First of all, Vietnam is a poor country; its economy is based on the agriculture industry, so the most important resource is land. In Vietnam, land is used in two purposes, producing food and developing the industry. The area of agriculture land is about 800.000 ha in the Red river plain and about 2.500.000 ha in the Mekong plain. Nowadays, these are more and more narrowed by the policy of the state. The process of assimilating city and industry is the reason. As this result, Vietnam is facing to the real situation that it will be lack of food in the future and the rate of exportation of agriculture product in general and fruit in specific will be decreased.

The second important resource is labor. Vietnam is a country which has approximately 86 million of people. Moreover, there is about 66 % of population in the working age, from 15 to 59[1]. This percentage is two times more than the percentage of depending people. It is a big advantage for Vietnam, and the state corporate with the organizations to arrange worker to have a job in foreign country. Besides, there are many jobs in training that the government and companies must take care of to supply the demands of human resources in Vietnam.

Last but not least, there are some other resources which are not less important than two resources above such as wood, oil, fish, etc. About oil, Vietnamese economic system is very concerning in it. In fact, Vietnam also exploits and then exports simple oil with a low cost. Seeing this disadvantage, the government has just built up the Dung Quat Oil Filter Company to fix it. For others, Vietnamese economic system is changing the technology and finds the best way to use these resources effectively.

2. Discuss the impact of social welfare and industrial policy initiatives on organizations.

We have to understand the definition of social welfare policy. It is the policy that seeks to protect and directly improve people’s standard of living[2]. Social policy is used to apply to the policies that government uses for welfare and social protection and the ways in which welfare is developed in a society. In the first sense, social policy is...

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