Was the Character and Influence of Anne Boleyn the main reason for the English Reformation?

Topics: English Reformation, Church of England, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Was the Character and Influence of Anne Boleyn the main reason for the English Reformation? Although Anne Boleyn can be seen as a very major reason for the start of the English Reformation, she herself is not the main reason, there are many other major factors towards the English Reformation, with Anne Boleyn being only one of them. Anne Boleyn could have lead Henry into ideas that lead to the reforms, as it was known that she was a keen reader of and an educated woman, and introduced Henry to the ideas of various protestant writers, such as William Tyndale. Source 7 could support this, as it portrays Henry as very in love with Anne Boleyn, Campeggio wrote that Henry “thinks nothing but Anne” if Anne introduced any new ideas and books to Henry, it likely that he would have read them and be deeply interested in them as they were introduced to him by his love Anne whom he would do anything for, judging by the way Campeggio writes about him. Also at the time, Henry was still married to Catherine, so Anne introducing these texts to Henry could have been her way of helping her get married with Henry and be her queen. The author of the source, Cardinal Campeggio was writing reports to contacts In Rome in 1529, this being a time when Henry had quite a tenuous relationship with Rome after they denied Henry’s request to have his marriage with Catherine annulled, so it’s possible that he writing this to discredit Henry as he is openly being in love with someone other than his wife, or he is trying to portray Henry as quite a weak man who has been completely charmed by Anne Boleyn. However, Source 8 does not make mention of Anne Boleyn, and instead puts forward the idea that Henry’s main motivation with his divorce, and by proxy his break with Rome was his desire for a male heir to succeed him, as he believed that he was cursed by God and that he would not father a son if he was still in a “illegitimate” relationship with Catherine, who was his brother’s wife before he...
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