week 4 information assignment

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Assignment Information Use Paper
Alexander J. DePriest
November 23rd, 2014
University of Phoenix
Assignment Information Use Paper

Information is constantly flowing through organizations and companies that acts as the main function of a company. When information is no longer allowed to flow through an organizations, the organizations will begin to shut down. Information is needed to collect certain amounts of data and to better help organizations learn more about what is happening in the organization. Information is collected and new wisdom is formed that can be used to determine the correct path for an organization. Information that is passed through an organization is generally used to help teach and to help improve the outlook of people who are employed for the organization or company. An open flow of information allows everyone within the organization to understand the way things work so they are not left clueless. Knowledge is important for education and enlightenment. New employees should have some amount of knowledge of any one subject before they are able to be successful within an organization or company they are working for. This knowledge is only obtained by information which may have been garnered individually or may have been passed down throughout the organization. Having the skills in a subject will allow every aspect of an organization to be successful in that particular sector of the organizational patterns.

The company that I work for has always had the latest technology to communicate within the organization of the company. I work for a Honda plant and communication is the key to maintain the competition within other competitors. At my work we are constantly upgrading machinery and systems to provide us with faster productivity, save money within the company, we have new systems that we use to provide and receive important updates and changes within our company at a faster rather than having more company meetings that cut into our productivity times. Emailing is a big thing within my company each employees receives an email with a logon to the company webpage that converses important information to our employees a day before needed so we can jump right into our work for the day. My company ensures that their employees have the knowledge to maintain the company email and know how to utilize it during the orientation of the new hire process. The great gain of having the internet we can send documents electronically know and companies receive them at a faster rate than before and that save the company on purchasing paper and ink for the printers. When sending emails the message is first broken down into packs using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP controls the rate at which data is exchanged, segment size, stream control, and framework development blockage. Each pack holds its end Internet Protocol (IP) address. The packages are sent to the framework server and starting there, to the same number of distinctive servers as essential to land at a specific machine's IP address (© 2014 Computer Hope). Once at its end, the groups are reassembled into the first message. The Internet access to all employees with different levels of permission granted. It would be cost efficient because it would increase bandwidth allowing important information to be sent and retrieved faster.

Some setbacks that can occur within this company with the benefit of having emailing communications are employees not checking their email and the website every day, emails could end up within the spam folder and employees may never even think to check it, Employees may become too dependent on emails causing them to check them constantly which can cause production rate to slow down and employees receiving un work related emails. The ways that you can help fix these set backs are having employees check there emails before start up, before their breaks, and at the end of the shift to ensure they are...
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