What Are the Potential Benefits of Roman Catholics on Today’s Societies?

Topics: Pope, Christianity, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 11, 2012
There were many religions and cultures that thrived to the city of Rome. Due to Rome’s vast trading system it brought slaveries, rich goods, spices, gold, and silver from all over the world, this also brought along their religious beliefs and culture. Ancient Roman beliefs were polytheistic where they had more then one god. Catholicism in the United States began in the early 1500’s. What are the potential benefits of Roman Catholics on today’s societies? Ancient Rome and today “Roman Christianity” were not that much differences in todays Roman religion and ancient Rome. If I can put it in a simpler term I would just say that the Cesar of Ancient Rome became the Pope of today. Today, the Catholic movements can be dated back as far as 1500s to the Colonial era. Today it is known as the Roman Catholic Church “Roman Christianity” and it is one of the largest Christians with over a 77 millions followers and register members in the United States. Their beliefs in were “forgiveness of Sin” is received through repentance and confession to God. There are more then 230 Roman Catholics schools around the United States, such as Universities and colleges with over a million students and thousands of professors. Catholics also are influenced in today’s largest voluntary social service networks in the United States, where they helped and welcomed refugees to the United States. The Church also had a role in shaping the United States Labor movements where Catholics had in creating “The Catholic Campaign for Human Development” When we talk about societies we first automatically think about Human Development or the community of people living in different region sharing the same customs and beliefs. Millions of members, the development of University and colleges, one of the largest voluntary services, and shaping of United States Labors, therefore Roman Catholics “Roman Christianity” are benefits to today’s societies.
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