What is trading standards

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1. What is trading standards? What impact can they have on your business? Trading Standards is the name given to local authority departments in the UK formerly known as Weights and Measures. Frequently, the Trading Standards enforcement functions of a local authority are performed by a small part of a larger department which enforces a wide range of other legislation: environmental health, health and safety, licensing and so on. 1 What you sell

There are a few general laws that affect all consumer-facing businesses, regardless of their business or trade Some legislation contains broad rules on selling goods and supplying services (or both). Trades - such as builders, electricians and plumbers - generally supply goods and services. A solicitor or estate agent supplies services only. A shop sells goods. 

2 Where you sell 
You'll also need to know the rules that cover whether you sell on-premises, off-premises or at a distance  On-premises refers to sales (contracts) made in a shop or market stall; off-premises sales are made at the customer's home, place of work, etc; and distance sales are made online, by mail order or by phone, for example. 

3 How you sell 
And all businesses must treat customers fairly, abide by the rules on prices and payments, and know that every sale is a contract  You already know what you sell and where, but are you sure that the way you go about business is not putting your business at risk? You need to understand the rules on how to legally display prices, and the difference between a quotation and an estimate, too. 

4 Key topics 
Strict legislation covers the sales of age-restricted products and food, and the safety of consumer products  There are laws that affect specific businesses - such as those that sell age-restricted products or food and drink - and there are rules covering the safety of goods that apply to producers and importers as well as distributors / sellers. 

5 Key activities 
Keeping and transporting...
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