why christains believe god is present in our lives.

Topics: Eucharist, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: July 18, 2014
Catholics believe that God is present in our lives through rituals. Catholics believe that doing the sign of the cross is a significant way to start a conversation with God by putting yourself in the presence of God. Also by attending mass it is declaring that they belong to God and want to obey him and when Catholics go to receive transubstantiation Catholics are accepting the suffering that Christ has done for us. Catholics also believe that God is present in our lives through ethics. Catholic ethics come from the 10 commandments, it is important that we know the everlasting laws of God and what they mean such as “thou shall not steal” means that we shouldn’t steal because it is disrespectful and we should respect others property as we wold like done to us. Another moral is “thou shall not harm” because humans are a creation of God and if we harm others or ourselves we are destroying Gods creation and “thou shalt not bear false witness” means to not lie about one self of anyone else. All of these ethics come under respect one self and one another. Why Catholics think it is important is that acting morally with the infinite laws of God, which are so inspiring to most people that even those who do not know anything of God follow in the path of morality. Catholic believe strongly that God is present in our lives though practice of individual experience such as baptism. Baptism is significant to the catholic community and faith because to that person getting baptised it represents the start of that person and God’s relationship. This individual experience is very similar to conformation, it is similar because conformation in the Catholic Church represents growing up and creating a stronger bond between the person and God. Another individual experience is reconciliation in the Catholic Church, reconciliation is significant in the Catholic Church because “only God can forgive and cleanse sins away” and allowing God to guide that individual through very tough times...
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