Why Do We Have Organizations

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Why do we have organizations?

Organization implies that a group of individuals come together working, supporting a common goal. Everyone has a role and understands their responsibility in obtaining, achieving the goal. Why do we have organizations? Organizations are the foundation of our being. They give us structure on how to function in our day to day activities and help in achieving the completion of a common goal. They define our role & the importance of our talent/skill to succeed in meeting our objective. By defining everyone’s role, it can maximize production efficiently in completing and meeting the group’s goal. It’s like a long chain that is connected, every link has a function and if there is a defective link it will make an impact on the outcome of goal. Organizations give us order and understanding of how to function on a daily basis. Without organizations we will lose the structure that has been embedded in our environment.

Organizations exist to keep order. They not only are a means of society being productive, but are also a means of people coming together to achieve common goals, when emergency situations happen, organizations assist with the needs of effected communities. We have organizations to help meet every type of need in our society. The organizations that employ people to produce goods and provide services keep our economy running, and the organizations that provide health care and protective services to keep people safe, communities also take advantage of organizations such as goodwill to provide for those who are unable to provide for themselves. If a need is not currently being met people organize to meet the need and achieve a common goal.

Simply put, we have organizations to come together and achieve goals. They exist to meet the needs of society and keep order. Without organizations there would be no order, and no economy. Countries would not exist as we know them. Technology and services would not have been...
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