Why I Came to Usa

Topics: Automobile, Storm, Transport Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: October 24, 2010
I Dislike Living in Raleigh

People always say that living in a large city is a great quality, they like it because it let them get a lot of benefits; in my opinion, every place has its drawbacks; there is no perfect place that we can say: “It is formidable”. In the other hand, they are people who hate living in a large city, and they prefer the small one. As far as I live in Raleigh, I do not like it due to three reasons: change of weather, few means of transportation, and quiet life. The first reason, the change of season in Raleigh is very difficult because people get sick especially during the fall; the pollen of trees can be characterized as cause of this disease. My sister is a good example of person who has allergic to the dust of trees, it makes her sneeze a lot, her eyes become bulgy and red like blood, more over, she cannot do anything such as reading or doing homework, or even watching her kids. Pollen is a bad thing that you can see in the fall; all cars become covered with yellow dust; even though the run clean it out, it would be covered with pollen again within of a few hours. If you leave your windows open every thing will get a nice coat of yellow dust inside the cars and rooms. Not only pollen is a problem of change of season, but also snow during winter; snow storm sometimes causes airport to cancel flight to and from Raleigh; it causes school to cancel classes also. Boutaib 2

The few mean of transportation is a second problem makes me dislike living in Raleigh. When I come to Raleigh, I was very amazing; I found a lot of car, but a few means of transportation such as buses and taxis. People in this city should own its car immediately because the public transit in it is very sparse, and very hard to get. In spite of this difficult, People who do not have a car use this means of transportation; they do not have a choice, may be due to no license or they cannot afford a car. In addition, it is so hard to get school or job without your own...
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