World Mysteries - Who Sunk the Titanic

Topics: Federal Reserve System, Society of Jesus, RMS Titanic Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Who Sunk the Titanic?

The above title does not read: What sunk the Titanic? It says: Who sunk the Titanic? The information below appeared inside my email inbox. The following is stunning and inspired me to write. When we think of great mysteries, controversies, conspiracies or historical questions... many come to mind: Who really assassinated Liaquat Ali Khan? Who really murdered John F. Kennedy? Who was really behind Airplane crash of General Zia ul Haq? Who was really behind 9/11? Who assassinated Benazir Bhutto? Was Marilyn Monroe killed? Did aliens crash at Roswell? What was the mystery of Philadelphia Project?

Another historical mystery or puzzle is: What was the real story behind the sinking of the Titanic? The book “The Secret Terrorists” printed by “Truth Triumphant Ministries” and reprinted by “Tree of Life Resources” places blame squarely on the Roman Catholic Order known as the Jesuits. The greatest tragedies in the last 200 years can be traced to the Jesuits. Founded in 1540, the Society of Jesus grew rapidly within the Catholic Church. They were confessors to the ruling families of Europe. They defend the Pope and Catholicism around the world in nearly every country. In 1773, Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits. In 1814, Pope Pius VII responded to pressure and restored the Society. There are Jesuit colleges and ministries today. They are a very influential organization. Jesuits are dedicated to furthering Catholicism and the power of the Pope. Yet... there is a secret, negative side to this organization called “The Society of Jesus”. For hundreds of years they carried out religious killings. They were the men in dark cloaks who carried daggers. Were they the religious CIA of their time?

In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Valderclip represented the Rockefeller financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and Benjamin Strong represented J.P....
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