World Religion Report

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World Religions Report

Russell Spinks


November 11, 2012

World Religion Report

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of learning about many different religions and cultures. The two religions that I am going to compare within this paper are the Roman Catholic Religion and the Hinduism religion. The reason that I choose the Roman Catholic Religion is because I have always been curious as to why the Catholic Church has certain traditions and holidays that other religions do not have. The Catholic theology was dated back to the early 30’s in the Common Era. I had the pleasure of speaking with a close friend of the family who has been practicing the Catholic Religion her whole life (35 years), along with the principal of a Catholic School who has also been in the Catholic Religion his whole life (72 years). I will also show that although Catholicism and Hinduism have some common similarities such as the repeated sacrifice, rituals, prayer to multiple saints/gods, the priests, their Cathedral/Temple, images and icons, all works-based salvation, the lack of knowledge of sacred writings, and the death of perspective followers such as those in the purgatory or reincarnation, and specifically touch on certain similarities that these two religions have. The first individual that I spoke with was Jennifer Bushnell who attends St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Covington, Louisiana. I interviewed Mrs. Bushnell at my house on October 31, 2012. The synopsis of this interview was that the Catholic Religion has an extreme amount of days in which are classified in this religion as Holy Days. Mrs. Bushnell was not exactly sure of how many holy days there were but the major Holy Days that she spoke of were Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday - which to my understanding is the day they commemorate the last supper, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas. All these specific days were mentioned throughout the interview. Throughout speaking to her I also learned that the Catholic Religion has a day of confession that all Catholics must attend once a week. She stated “the Church sends out a calendar of the times that the Church has confession. Typically on Saturday’s because then you are attending Church on Sunday, so by attending confession on Saturday you are free of sin for Sunday Mass in which you can receive Eucharist”. (Personal communication, October 31, 2012). After speaking with Mrs. Bushnell, and from what I have read about the Catholic Religion, it seems that most Catholics are brought up and raised in the religion; which in return gives them the basis of faith growing up and then those Catholics become what is considered baptized or confirmation in the Catholic Religion and the basis of their faith. (Jennifer Bushnell, personal communication, October 31, 2012). I also interviewed Brother Ray Bro who is the principal of a local Catholic High School, St. Paul’s High School, in Covington, La. This interview was performed at St. Paul’s High School inside Brother Ray’s office. I learned a tremendous amount from this interview because of the knowledge and experience he had in the Catholic Religion. It was discussed of specific Holiday’s and traditions that the Catholic Religion has throughout the year. According to Brother Ray, Easter, which is the most important feast of the year, is what Catholics essentially base their faith on because Easter is the resurrection of the Lord. The second most important Holiday is Christmas as being it was the birth of Jesus Christ. I learned specifically about certain feasts throughout the year and every year on November 1 is the feast of All Saints and every year on November 2 is the feast of All Souls, which is when the Catholics remember the deceased persons of the Catholic Religion. Brother Ray also spoke of a few more feasts throughout the year but the most important to Catholics are talked about. All these feasts are considered to...

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