World War 1

Topics: World War I, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Austria–Hungary Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In August of 1914, most of Europe was at war. World War I was all throughout Europe and changed many lives of the Europeans. During the World War, there were many new military and technological advancements. Universal military services were formed by the European nations and new weapons and war tactics were invented. Due to the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, tensions between Austria and Germany against Serbia, Russia, and France began to rise, which led up to the start of World War I. Thus, the main catalyst for World War I was the assassination of the Archduke and his wife.

At that time, the Austro – Hungarian Empire had many different nationalities that were in it. One of the major nationalities was the Slavs. The Archduke, who was the heir to the Austro- Hungarian Empire, upset many of the Slavs who wanted their own independence and freedom. They were not content with being under the Austro-Hungarian Empire rule and fought hard to break away and establish their own country.

In order to break away from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Slavs from Siberia were supportive and encouraged them to establish their own country. A group of Slav’s set up a secret organization and planed to free all the Slavs that were under Franz Ferdinand’s rule. The terrorist group named themselves the “Black Hand” and they came up with a plan to assassinate the Archduke and his wife Sophie.

On June 28, 1914, the Archduke and his wife paid a visit to the city of Sarajevo to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They received warm welcomes from the people and there were no soldiers on duty and only a few police, so security was not as tight as it should have been. A 19-year-old Serb named Gavrillo Princip, who was one of the members of the Black Hand terrorist group shot both the Archduke and his wife during the parade. The assassination terrorist attack of the Archduke and his wife was the main catalyst of the World War. Once the World War...

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