A Sustainable Way of Gardening: Community Gardens

Topics: Gardening, Sustainability, Community gardening Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Cassandra Quitugua
T. Diaz
June 26, 2013
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A Sustainable Way of Gardening: Community Gardens
Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, St. Paul, Honolulu, San Jose, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Anchorage, and Louisville. These are the top ten cities that have the most community gardens. A sustainable community garden is when a group of people in a certain neighborhood or community come together and create a garden using tools that don’t affect the earth in a bad way. Individuals participating in a community garden usually use push reel mowers, rain water, mulch etc. The community usually acts as one to help sustain the garden and help the garden to grow to create produce that is natural to the environment to consume what is grown. What this does is that the garden makes the economy a little better in terms of money usage. If the planting is right, the produce will most likely be good. Gardens contain plants as well as nutritious types of food. These types of planting must be watched closely, watered daily, and sunlight must be efficient. Most people would think that gardening is an easy job, but gardening is most definitely hard. Individuals participating in community gardening all should have certain roles. One must turn over the compost, water the plants, mow the lawn, watch over the plants, etc. These are some roles that one must pay attention to because if one thing goes wrong, the whole garden will most likely suffer. Community gardening takes plenty of work. I learned this through several weeks of working in a community garden with Roland Quitugua, an agriculturalist. He has taught me several things that are important for working in a sustainable community garden, which I will showcase in this paper.

There are many benefits to working a sustainable community garden. First of all, working in a community garden can be beneficial for households that have low income. Individuals gardening can plant taro, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, many...
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