A True Victory

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Gardening, Community building Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: May 12, 2013
A True Victory
Hormone soaked, chemical injected, pesticide sprayed, shipped, processed, frozen, packaged; our food goes through a lot before it enters our mouths. Every edible item of food goes through this, whether you believe it or not. If only there was a way to be confident that our food is completely all natural. Only one option (for the vegetables, fruits and herbs anyway) comes to mind: Victory gardens. They cost hardly anything (practically next to nothing), and can be done if you have available growing area for this to be possible. These gardens could possibly even improve the downward spiraling economy in which we live in today. The downward spiral of the nation’s economy has impacted the quality of life for just about every single American. {Wikipedia} The effect of the recession is being felt in every community. Local companies have been forced to lay off a lot of hard working employees and available jobs are becoming very scarce. Families that are used to having their every need provided, now have to choose between a sack of potatoes, a loaf of bread, or heating their homes for the next month. In such a difficult financial climate, fruit and vegetables become an excessive splurge, rather than a necessity. Should such an awful and unhealthy cycle be allowed to continue? A Taft community group doesn’t think so either. Americans have proven many, many times before over the past century that a recession, depression, or even wars cannot force us to give up. One way the citizens have pushed through difficult times have been cultivating edible gardens, also known as victory gardens. Planting vegetables, fruits, and herbs has proven to be a practical answer for those who need food but haven’t the money to spend on non-staple items such as tomatoes and green beans. {Future Farmers} In the past few months, a group of Taft community members met together to discuss the option of starting a Taft Community Garden. One of these members, Kathy Johnson shared...
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