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2. Barriers to entry
It has been often said the Internet has leveled the playing field, notably so in the world of E-commerce. At the very first stages of selling items and music products, K-Box® has demonstrated some inevitable barriers to entry. Getting a license from authority

K-Box® can be free to set up an E-commerce site, design our own layout, display products’ images and label these on the site. People can visually see which type of products K-Box® selling, however, authorities have to check its contents and characteristics whether they might contain illegal pattern or not. Safe & Secure

We use the latest encryption technology and security procedures to always protect customers’ personal data. We also protect their privacy by not renting or selling their name or personal information to any third parties. We will also never send customers K-Box® marketing emails without their permission. However, the way of convincing our prospective customers to purchase on our site is a very tough challenge. How can we prove our services’ quality to customers? And, how we can get repeat customers? These are questions that we have to carefully consider. 3. Marketing strategies

K-Box® is going to use the most feasible marketing strategies to reach our customers in E-commerce market. Build a presence on social media platforms
For example, there are many KPOP fan pages established already on Facebook. Therefore, there will be a great opportunity to meet customer demands online. We do not view Facebook as an advertising venue, however, we consider its related group pages as a way to establish our expertise by proving the newest information with respect to music industry. “Once you establish yourself in the community, place a tactful signature link to your site.” (Andrew, 2012) Ask for links from Entertainment company

Once a singer or a band group plans on releasing public their single or album CD/DVD, their official site usually has a “Where to buy” or “Retailer”...

References: Andrew. (2012, September 12). The 17 Best (And Worst) eCommerce Marketing Strategies. Retrieved from eCommerceFuel: http://www.ecommercefuel.com/ecommerce-marketing-strategies/
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